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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Will the REAL Hillary Clinton please stand out!

Unless you’re one of her millionaire

 benefactors, in Hillary Clinton’s book you’re 

either deplorable or you’re a basement dweller. 

No one who has this much contempt for

 everyday Americans can possibly unite and

 lead this country.” 

– Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

For the life of me I cannot comprehend people following this nasty Women that has such contempt for the common people in America. If you can you know more than I do about 'Stupidity and it's results'.

Don't get me wrong, I know the EXCUSES people use to support the unsupportable but that doesn't explain the pure idiocy I witness in these people who CLAIM to be freethinkers, Liberals or whatever the STOLEN TERM is these days! You see, I believe strongly that the so-called liberals of today are nothing more or less than strong arm commies. Different names for the same old nonsense, the same UNFULFILLED PROMISES that every socialistic leadership throughout history has built, not for the common man and women but for THEMSELVES. Hillary and Obama are nothing more than THUGS trying to bring America down in order to establish the reign of a New World Order.

They are not the Leaders but follow a Demon king named George Soros a former Nazi sympathizer and current fund raiser for Hillary. She's dirty to the core and anyone supporting her is guilty of supporting Crime Inc in America.

This Week, Hacked Audio From A Closed Door Fundraiser In February 2016, Revealed That Clinton Referred To Sanders’ Supporters As “Children Of The Great Recession Living In Their Parents’ Basement.”

These ingrates can't bring themselves to even treat their OWN PEOPLE with any kind of respect so what makes us believe they will respect ANY FORM of decorum or Law for that matter? She's broken more Laws than most Prison populations put together and walks between the rain-drops and ducks and weaves like a boxer (Health wise that's also true....lately anyway) BUT know this, God takes it all in and is measuring her for her Judgment day, which is in his timing, but rest assured it is coming and there will be no saving from it. No amount of money or power will prevent God's revenge against this system ruling over his creation!

What we are missing in all this nonsense going on in Washington is the fact that things are NOT as the N.W.O thinks they are. They are planning a takeover of the Last bastion of Liberty, albeit battered and bleeding as it now is. They are planning great harm to America using our Lame leadership and lack of paying attention to detail to hide.

However they did not plan on Nationalism's revival through Donald Trump, who has faith in the American dream that we were founded upon over 240 years ago!

“Bernie Sanders is right that foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation ‘raise serious questions,’ given that they would badly compromise Hillary Clinton and the country if she is elected. The fact that the foundation continues to accept contributions from other countries while Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency is deeply troubling and it should cease immediately.” 

– Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor
“Hillary Clinton claims to support American energy jobs, but the truth is that Hillary is fully aligned with anti-coal and anti-shale energy groups and will implement policies, like her trillion dollar climate agenda, that will devastate coal permanently in this country and cut-off access to most of our shale energy resources. Hillary even issued a campaign statement saying she was ‘honored’ to receive the endorsement of the same group that runs the ‘Beyond Coal’ and ‘Beyond Natural Gas’ campaigns, which celebrate the closure of coal mines and now seek to ban shale energy production in the United States. Donald Trump supports the use of all sources of American energy, including coal, shale energy, nuclear, renewables and other sources, and he will fight for energy policies that are in the interest of all Americans, not the politically-connected.” 

– Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

FACE IT AMERICA Hillary is NOT the person she claims to be, she's a monster wanting the highest office to do even more criminal actions. She cannot be allowed this final and I do mean.....FINAL...what she wants is not what we think, destroying what God himself started here is the real goal. Satan is the one at the top of the N.W.O. not mere men only, they are possessed of evil intentions and no matter what you might excuse all this crazy political crap with it really doesn't meet with reasonable logic does it?

Their plans seem distracted and rushed simply because they are, they intended at least 4 to 8 more years of undermining American interests before pulling the trigger on the current fall of our republic......but TRUMP happened and Nationalism is making a comeback NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!

Now let's talk the Latest attacks against Donald Trump, WHAT ABOUT THAT DIRTY TALK FROM 11 YEARS AGO. It's almost funny to me that HIS PAST is even a topic of any importance WHEN Hillary and Bill's PAST ACTIONS are off the table. I mean let's face reality here WHAT BILL DID is far worse by any standard of measurement you use UNLESS your just stupid!

And before you say I'm giving Trump a pass, NO I'M NOT, IT WAS TERRIBLE TALK but in the end it was just talk between too bragging alpha males 11 years ago long before he ran for office and to add to that point he was ALSO A DEMOCRAT which always gives you a get out of jail free card, at least for Liberals today.

In order for Hillary to ever say anything about this she would open a can of worms on Bill's behavior of RAPE, lying and criminal activity with Her. One sin leads to another and if Trump continues to drive home his repentant attitude towards his past that alone opens the "WHY DON'T YOU GUYS DO THE SAME" defense against her.

It's only fair that she be held to the same standard of expectation as Trump is being held to, she cannot escape that as long as Trump and the public hold her to it!


2 Corinthians 7:10 
"For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death."

As a believer in God his word holds us to a higher standard and let's us know that WE CANNOT condemn others for sins we ourselves are engaged in. We also cannot condemn others that HAVE REPENTED of things that are wrong since God himself has thrown those sins into the sea of forgetfulness.....

if God choose to forget our past who do we think we are in remembering it?

We create another sin in our lives by rubbing forgiven sins in the face of those whom God has forgiven...how dare us!


Trump deserves the same benefit of the doubt that any of us deserve, this is simply a distraction from what's really important. 

I'm certain that the Apostle Paul was bombarded by his past as long as he lived but unlike us he never gave into it! 

Donald Trump needs to hear this constantly from us, if we believe in forgiveness then we need to start acting like Christ and stop copying the World's failed views!

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