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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Is the Establishment Brainwashing us all? I believe so and here's why!

"Brainwashing is a system of befogging the brain so a person can be seduced into acceptance of what otherwise would be abhorrent to him. He loses touch with reality. Facts and fancy whirl round and change places.... However, in order to prevent people from recognizing the inherent evils in brainwashing, the Reds pretend that it is only another name for something already very familiar and of unquestioned respect, such as education or reform."

Edward Hunter, Brainwashing (New York: Pyramid Books, 1956), pages 185-186)

"This was war! Some called it psychological warfare. A better name would be brain warfare. The only difference was that formerly weapons were aimed principally at bodies, to incapacitate and destroy them, whereas now they were aimed mainly at minds, to subvert and control them. In brain warfare ultimate victory lay in the conquest of attitudes and feelings." (p. 47)

 Some in the past have said that the concept of Brainwashing was 'Science Fiction' at best but look at this part of the quote more closely and you can understand how the establishment on both sides of the aisle are using 'Psychological Warfare' against anyone who doesn't stay the line........

"In brain warfare ultimate victory lay in the conquest of attitudes and feelings."

Conquest of our ATTITUDES and FEELINGS, if you cannot plainly see that this is happening in America through DAILY media outlets driving into your mind the same 'droning mantra' over and over again endlessly speaking the same stupid Liberal zombie talk.

Socialistic nonsense about 'Coming together as a one world government with the help of the UN' Bringing us one step closer to open slavery of mind to people who USED TO BE LITERAL SLAVE MASTERS during the civil war, is that really what you want to be? Are you so broken by them that you must remain enslaved in mind rather than body, I speak this to ALL OF US not only one group, we all are guilty of laziness concerning our minds and blocks we must put up. Don't allow your mind to be overcome by useless speculations and uncertainties of the times...be clear in your understandings about what is really going on!

 Watch these two videos to learn the TRUTH about slavery from the beginning up till now, the first video is extremely prophetic from many years back.

 The reason I wanted to talk about this was the obvious lack of understanding from groups like 'Black Lives Matters' and others about RACE in the first place. Another reason is the Biblical understanding of slavery is much different that in more modern times since biblical times, they understood slavery as more of a temporary thing for the most part. Working off debt for instance was what most biblical slaves were doing not the 'Civil War' era understanding at all.

The brainwashing of specific groups of people, like the Blacks, the American Indian (of Whom I am a proud member) has gone on for thousands of years long before the White Man ever was established here or Europe. Every people on planet earth has enslaved those who they DEEMED lesser beings than themselves for greed, power trips or just plain cruelty for the sake of being cruel. Divide and conquer has always existed in one form or another, slavery was the way to create conformity to the hive mind, obedience to what the few wanted.

Nullification and Slavery: Nothing could be further from the truth! Part of the brainwashing going on concerning Slavery is the constant rewriting of history by the Left, the very same Democrats that instituted Slavery and segregation in the south. These hypocrites continue to propagate the same lies that enslaved thousands then to keep enslaving their children's, children! 


Much historical data is amazing to hear like the video above, Black slave owners in the south...really? Yes, it happened, some even more cruel than their White counterparts in the south...actually selling babies to other owners.

Now I've gone into this history for one reason only to show the open brainwashing that the establishment is guilty of. They have willingly lied to us about the past, white washed certain history to funnel an idea that WHITES and Blacks are always enemies, always at odds and that history is completely created after the fact. Whites in the North were appalled at this slave trade and worked tirelessly to rescue as many as possible. They worked through political arms in the Republican party against the Democratic slavers who were in Washington.

But today we still hear the opposite is true, the Liberals have turned history on it's head so that now Republicans are the slavers as then and Liberals are the emancipators. This mental slavery persists and so many are deceived by it that the Democrats are constantly voted into office on 'false history' they make promises they have no intention of keeping. They bye their way in and make millions yearly on side deals. While the American slave population suffers under higher and higher taxes and regulation.

How do they answer this accusation? They don't they cry 'conspiracy theory' or just rewrite history in our textbooks so our youth don't see the truth.


Why the attack on Donald Trump and conservatism! A round-table discussion! Listen to this 5 part series of radio to fully understand the propaganda war going on right now, be informed, be armed! 






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