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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!
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Monday, January 23, 2017

America: Divided by a FALSE Choice!

Obama is the first president to serve eight years and preside over American wars during every single day of his tenure. This is something the idiots in Media ignored under Obama but harped on under Bush, if you can't see the obvious bias in favor of Obama still then as I've stated many times here YOUR PART OF THE EVIL PROBLEM!

Obama's agenda given through George Soros succeeded in LARGE PART BECAUSE OF YOU.

 You are the life blood that evil travels in to accomplish it's goals. Think about this for a moment Cancer is present in all of us from birth, but in order for that Cancer to kill us it must first have a CATALYST, a series of Health issues that give it the food it needs to reproduce and destroy living tissue in our bodies. Cancer and Division kill the same!

The rallying call of the left is "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" division is not an accident it has evil purposes behind it!  

The Cancer of Socialism has been coursing through the American system long before Obama came in riding on the Hope and Change bandwagon. So what were the Catalysts that made it's rise and takeover possible? Obama made DIVISION the new uniter, to exact opposites were glued together to cause our Nation to rip itself apart at the seams. This DIVISION was the Cancer of Socialisms Catalyst, the food that sustained the Cancer's spread throughout our country.

 The Media simply focused our attention NOT on what should have UNITED US (The battle against division) but rather on the vast differences we have, politically, Socially, and religiously. They did their job so well we forgot that those differences are what should in fact unite us to fight them!

Yes we are vastly different from each other but at the same time we all bleed the exact same life force, human beings are ONLY DIFFERENT ON THE OUTSIDE WE ARE ALL THE SAME ON THE INSIDE CLOSEST TO OUR HEARTS. 

Blood unites us as a people, no matter what we look like, how we think, or even how we live, all these things are merely superficial and circumstantial evidences of difference. In actuality none of it would stand up in court of Law to convict us of the differences we are accused of by the outside forces trying to bring America down.

The term RACE that we use here to describe people of different skin color DOESN'T EXIST IN REALITY. Race refers to ONE HUMAN EXISTENCE having one blood, while ETHNICITY refers to the many different ways in which our race of human beings exist in. It is a Social construct used to divide us by those who depend on our ignorance of reality!

 America, the real America was built not because of difference but in SPITE OF THOSE DIFFERENCES!    

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I'm a proud Conservative

"Yes I do proudly support Donald J. Trump for President, I am a Christian something I'm even more proud of. I believe that Donald Trump's policies will make America Great Again and the dream of American prosperity a real tangible thing again.

We have lost the ability to do great things because we have lost our faith in God and our founding principles. It's really not hard to support the best choice that's a no brainier, it's also not hard to support the WRONG choice because we base choice not on facts in front of us but make it based upon the PUSH from Left or from the Right, I say decide based upon contextual facts, in-depth study and pure common sense something the establishment doesn't utilize!

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I was a hypocrite, a sinner and a fool, sometimes even as a believer but as long as God is in control I'm forgiven and healed of every form of human shortcoming. Nothing can stand before the evidence contained in Faith.....NOTHING!







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