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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Protesters: Not what they used to be! Nothing but THUGS!

To be a Protester in the old days USED to be a badge of honor, you stood for something that really mattered, a principle, a standard like the Founding Fathers stood for. To be labeled a Protester you had to have taken all you could take and you were not taking it anymore! But something has changed in this day and age to where the ones protesting HAVE BECOME that which in the past, others protested.

Something key has been lost today and I think it's as simple as having HONOR before dishonor, those who protest today have NO HONOR, no real inner commitment to justice or Liberty or for that matter Life in general UNLESS IT'S THEIRS ALONE. While the website states the opposite of the reality being plainly seen and heard BY thousands around the Country at Donald Trump rallies in particular! And NOT by whites only, a high number of Blacks are angry at their childish behavior.

Here's the Link to WHAT THEY CLAIM: 


The Dr. of Common Sense endorses Trump!

Montel blasts the Movement!

The Hidden Agenda Lecture

The real issue here if we are being honest completely about presentation and what people see and hear from ANY GROUP legitimate or not is the FACT that this movement PROVES their illegitimacy with every post of what they ACT like because action speaks FAR louder than any words could ever speak. These people are RUDE, RACIST, BIGOTED,OBNOXIOUS and they cover any message with the deep hate they feel. No one gets this message because it comes off as just 'misdirected anger' flying in every direction. They WON'T listen to anyone's reason or explanations which just backfires on them making them sound like unreasonable bullies which is just how they act in protesting anyone!

The real question should be: I'm not a racist: so why the hell should what 'Black Lives Matters' thinks of me bother me? Well it's not what they think that matters at all it's how they represent what they think that really matters and that quite frankly is appalling. They do more damage to the ones they claim to speak for in so many ways.

Crazy protestors!

The Truth about B.L.M.

The plain truth is simple, these hacks paid for by George Soros a man steeped in Racial hate from his youth in WWII working with the Nazis as a collaborator speaks volumes by itself of just how in bed with what they claim to be against they are! 'Black Lives Matters' are a fake set up by Soros, they mean absolutely nothing to him and he cares nothing about their so-called pain or ideas, Soros simply uses them as he does everyone to HIS POLITICAL END they are as cattle being lead to the same slaughter as the rest of but to stupid to know it! 

"Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away!"

Watch this video, it puts the argument very clearly in the court of reality vs. their ranting nonsense:

Black mom becomes viral star with rant at Black Lives Matter protesters for rallying over death of 'thugs and criminals' instead of black on black crime


Black Lives Matter put to shame with common sense!

In the end everything that this group is doing is NOT because they love Black people, it's just because they are 'useful idiots' in the N.W.O's cause to control and manipulate the population to a political agenda's end. So bottom line 'Black Lives' are being enslaved to very masters they are working for their just paid slaves!

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We have lost the ability to do great things because we have lost our faith in God and our founding principles. It's really not hard to support the best choice that's a no brainier, it's also not hard to support the WRONG choice because we base choice not on facts in front of us but make it based upon the PUSH from Left or from the Right, I say decide based upon contextual facts, in-depth study and pure common sense something the establishment doesn't utilize!

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