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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

PRO ISRAEL and proud of it! His dealing will make us great again!

The Childish Right is no better than the purposeful Left in this game by the establishment to hold us all hostage to their rules. Our vote matters like never before because if they win WE ALL LOSE but if we unite like I think we can THEY LOSE! What do they lose? They lose their grip on the people and we gain the leverage the founders told we already had! LESS Government MORE us that's the winning equation!

Please listen carefully to what the Donald says here, he is talking about 'The Art of the Deal" not to sell the book which is worth the price, but because these principles are at the core of both the problem and the solution to the problems America!

The Donald is being lied about constantly, hopefully Voters have learned that the establishment does nothing these days but LIE, like Lying Ted who attacks the Donald on simple comments made under different context, he knows better and doesn't like it when anyone does it to him. 

"I will tell you, I think if we’re ever going to negotiate a peace settlement … I think it would be more helpful is as a negotiator, if I go in and say I’m pro-Israel, but at least have the other side know I’m somewhat neutral to them so that we can maybe get a deal done," Trump said on Thursday during a Republican presidential debate in Miami, as quoted by The Hill.

The Donald was absolutely right in saying that when you come to make a deal you must APPEAR AS NEUTRAL during the process (Anyone who understands business which Lying Ted obviously does not, KNOWS this to be true!) to both parties involved in the deal being made but that IN NO WAY MEANS THAT YOU PERSONALLY are not in favor of one side over the other, obviously you want to win your point and the deal. Everyone has a bias, everyone but let that bias LEAD your deal making only shows your weakness, they must know you want the best for them not just your biases, what about their biases?

Now I realize TERRORISTS have a different set of issues because of their life education but those are not the bias I'm speaking of, the bias I'm talking about are what's best for their families, their country their results in coming years...after all survival is the thing that drives us to do things good or bad. A person only adopts an attitude of death if they have exhausted life so dealing with these Nations must be from a monetary position since hate is a deal breaker!


"Negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in business it's absolutely critical to your success. Poor negotiation can cripple a company just as quickly as losing key customers. While most negotiating strategies seem like common sense, it's not uncommon for people to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and ignore their basic instincts. Emotion, luck and magic have no place in a successful negotiation. It takes an iron gut, homework, street smarts and unblinking discipline. These keys will unlock your ability to get the best deal possible under any circumstances."   By Michael Sanibel

And again he states this:

"Watch for clues such as body movement, speech patterns and reactions to what you say. Be prepared to suspend or cancel negotiations if you feel things are getting nowhere or the other party seems stuck in their position. Indicate your reluctance to continue under those conditions and make the other side wonder if you are ever coming back. If they are on the hook to cut a deal, they will feel the pressure to move. Be patient even if the other party isn't. This can be difficult for those with a passion for instant gratification, but the last thing you want is for the other party to think you're under the gun to finish quickly."

Does anyone really believe that anyone of the establishment candidates out there has these skills to sit down and make winning deals with those who hate us or simple more of the same 'Stalling stalemating' tactics used by our enemies that move us exactly no where? It PAST time to get someone with the GUTS to deal rightly with cowards and bullies. And it doesn't take any amount of brains just common sense to come to that conclusion.

The only dealing the establishment EVER DOES is to a captive audience that votes their 'wallets or emotions' or some combination of the two. We have been tricked into believing that those in office know anything about deals or contracts if they did their contract with America would be the first sign of success.....but I ask you America have they broken that agreement over and over again? 

Again in this same article Sanibel says "In addition to exploiting the other party's weaknesses, concentrate on taking maximum advantage of your strengths."

To believe Ted you would think that the Arabs are going to become Israel lovers overnight, KNOWING he loves Israel a whole lot, that's not how a negotiation works and he'd fail every time with or without good intentions. Let's face reality here the deals America needs to make to dig us out of the hole they've dug us into require 'Poker Skills' not 'Go Fish' skills!!!

 The fact that we Love Israel isn't even part of this negotiation in the first place not the way we've thought, that comes into play AFTER THE DEALS ARE SEALED, you start from a NEUTRAL POSITION on each agreement so both parties feel fairness is your principle NOT BIAS. Once trust is established and it's known that all deals are BINDING and legal then and only then are agreements made. Does anyone really think that JUST because we come into the deal with our biases on our sleeves that THOUSANDS OF YEARS of hate will melt away by the end of the day? Come on people get real, a deal with Israels enemies will not happen until they feel safe to let down their guard just as Israel won't feel safe until they stop lying and cheating at the deal.

Established deal making by spoiled political hacks will never produce results in Israels favor, and after all isn't that the point of the talks? Results that make both sides happy in the LONG TERM not just the short term are the ideal results...but when has that ever been the result of peace talks with Arabs? NEVER, their idea of a result is Israel GIVING UP EVERYTHING and them nothing much!

This is how deals are to made something that Washington hasn't done in decades and that's why we lose at everything we do lately BAD DEALS BAD RESULTS and who suffers Washington DC or us?


"Think big."

"Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself."

"Maximize your options."

 "Know your market."

"Use your leverage."

"Enhance your location."

"Get the word out."

"Fight back."

"Deliver the goods."

"Contain the costs."

"Have fun."

Read the above article about the book and then you'll know exactly what kind of President he'll be, there's no mystery, no hiding the facts here it's open to all to see he has a record NO ONE ELSE HAS!









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