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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The craziness has a silver lining....but repentance is still the Key!

"Too all those who read these posts always remember that the World is not Evil BECAUSE Evil exists in the World but BECAUSE of the People in the World who LOOK on and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!"

The problem is George Soros' minions are paid to ignore common sense and common knowledge in favor of a 'Race based understanding' of life on earth that is quite simply stupid at it's core. It has no basis in cultural understanding, it was superimposed upon us and we let it take root!

 The weirdness of today's political climate just keeps getting stranger and more idiotic by the second.

First we hear constantly the droning of: 'Trump is NOT WHAT HE CLAIMS TO BE.' Then we constantly hear that Trump is a Racist, a Bigot, then it's he's just playing at this, then it's he can't beat Hillary, only Cruz, Rubio, or whoever but Trump can't do it. Trump is the bad guy, he's the problem, he causes the world to unbalanced, he causes earthquakes, famines, pestilences and hunger. This is the reason their message is falling on deaf ears, their making Trump look like a modern day Moses in reverse which just makes them look like sour grapes in the making!

The main problem with this constant barrage of attacks claiming he's nothing to worry about, is the simple fact that IF THAT WERE EVEN REMOTELY TRUE...any of it, then why do they worry one way or the other? If Trump were as bad as they claim NO ONE would vote for him and no one would go hear him speak!

You see most people who are LOW intelligence voters don't see the clear contradiction in the ATTACK vs. the Reality on the ground. Not one Liberal or Republican seems to able to put two and two together (Mainly because of Common Core Math skills if you can call it a skill) they are in a constant flux attack, throwing wild punches from many directions that make no sense outside an agenda from SOMEONE else (George Soros!) they are like robots marching to the illogical drum beat of his  satanic majesty Soros. Without him they know nothing, feel nothing and are nothing! 

Today's Liberal is nothing of the sort, they are not really Liberal but simple common soldiers in a army of Socialist, Communist, Fascist dictator followers who share their hive mind, nothing more than that.

They actually stand opposed to mankind's better angels, they are a walking contradiction in terms, without love for others (except those who mimic them), without logic to reason (except hive beliefs) and most of all without pity for anything but themselves (This is where PC training comes in, feelings are on their sleeves, victim-hood forever tattooed on their actions, using the Agenda's end result to excuse it all! 

What of the RNC? No better I'm afraid, because they have sold out to the lowest bidder; if the Liberal in name only is that bad where does that leave the other side when they follow such utter human trash that would sell out their own for power, greed and something as base as Sexual gratification? 

I do not believe for one moment that the RNC is the Grand Old Party it was in it's inception. That idea is not even possible by the way it is acting today. These establishment types are scum bags compared to the gentlemen and Ladies of the past. It is a fact that the RNC was infiltrated by Progressives

BOTH the Parties are one big family of Progressive rats living in our political lives trying to take over our real lives!



Megyn Kelly makes pilgrimage to Trump Tower to mend fences

 Here’s Why Libertarians Should Reject Ted Cruz

Cruz is a Bush neo-con trying to hijack the conservative and libertarian movements.

 BREAKING: GOP Official Makes Bombshell Trump Nomination Announcement No One Expected

Newt Gingrich Drops The Hammer…Says Trump Can Do THIS Like Nobody Else In Politics

 But the true strangeness is not really in the fact that they cannot get past Trump. The thing is; that no matter how many times their arguments are cast down as the lies they were when spoken, the longer they keep using and reusing the same lines of attack. 

They cast the same doubts, the same reworked lies upon EVERYONE they attack, is that strange? No, that is expected because their box of tricks is ONE DIMENSIONAL, they have nothing but personal attacks, swearing epitaphs, race baiting and lowlife behavior to come against the best of intentions!

 Most Americans are waking up to the nonsense of the Liberal Progressive agenda albeit very late in the game, but awake nonetheless. BUT the real issues that have been exposed are the clear immoral connections between the Left and the Right having finally shown themselves to us in their naked vainglorious manor. So few, we have previously voted for are unstained by this treachery! Progressives have their hands on everything we thought was pure and have for some time but the Strange thing now is that they are no longer hiding.



   We as a people will never be TRULY FREE until two things happen: AND LIKE IT OR NOT IT MUST HAPPEN!

1) We as a people must REPENT of our personal sin against God. 

 2) We as a NATION must unite in national repentance for our failure to stop the evil that was allowed to creep into our beds.

Once we have accomplished this THEN our Nation will be under God's protection once again and he can use those who remain faithful to lead us into the freedom we desire!

Dr Miles Monroe: One of my favorite preachers gives teaching much needed today not only to gain knowledge of Repentance but give good reasons to do so. Knowing our purpose only comes when we understand God's purpose for us!

The responsibility we all have on our shoulders is a great one but we must fully grasp that understanding with all our heart and mind. America is at a crossroads now and in order to go on into that which God has for us we must know what's ahead!









Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The GOP, DNC shame: The Grand Old party of fraud, cheating, and stealing is beginning to surpass the other party of cheaters, thieves and fraud!!

Too all those who read these posts always remember that "The World is not Evil BECAUSE Evil exists in the World but BECAUSE of the People in the World who LOOK on and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!" 

Here are Links to prove that the Government HAS NOT got the right to STOP, or Cancel Voting in any State in the US. BUT this is exactly what they are doing anyway. We must expose this INVERSION OF REALITY that is going on right under our noses!

History Of Federal Voting Rights Laws

Timeline: A History of the Voting Rights Act 

 Federal Election Laws, Results, and Voting History  

Voting Rights Act - Black History 

 Government Officials Voting Fraudulently

Laws That Protect Your Right to Vote - About.com News & Issues 

Donald Trump Must Beware of Trojan Horse Delegates 

You tell me.....is this a theft, will you ignore it and move on, how long will it take for you to see the handwriting on the wall? Our government is a CRIMINAL enterprise of the highest order without question! As we settle in for the obvious hum-drum life free of the responsibility of the knowledge that lies just under the surface reality we are all told exists. Our country takes another hit and one hit after another only serves to get closer to our hum-drum existence being taken from us, THEN we will wake up too late to find that Alex Jones was right about about everything....THEN WHAT?

Colorado Republican Convention put delegate election in hands of party insiders - with video

  WHY do you think it was even necessary for Colorado to cancel it's delegate vote? No one seems to ask the main 'Elephant in the room' question, WHY even do it unless their desperate to stop the people WHO VOTE to not support the one Man who can take apart their agenda of personal destruction that's worked for decades on everyone BUT DONALD TRUMP! Stealing is their ONLY OPTION NOW!
The THEFT of delegates is a direct ATTEMPT to mess with the expressed will of Republican primary voters. This is at the center or at least should be at the center of every political post today because it is an unprecedented happening. This kind of shameful behavior in politics has never been so brazen and open.  


We all know our votes have NEVER really counted before BUT NOT TO THIS DEGREE as the GOP changes their support from Trump to a different candidate and in the same breath asks for Trump to support the eventual candidate who wins. What hypocrites to present an ultimatum OF SUPPORT then breaking that promise no sooner than finding out that TRUMP WAS FOR REAL!

These people (The Establishment) are basic 'pond scum' masquerading as pool cleaners, they deserve no support in destroying America.

I actually agree with Rodger Stone that these traitors should be unmasked and have to explain to voters WHY they are switching Candidates in mid game and not staying true to Trump to whom they were given legally and ethically. This is NOT LEGAL just because they say it is, it's breaking election Laws federally and Statewide everywhere and stating we made NEW rules in the 70's isn't going to change that!


THEY ARE BREAKING VOTER LAWS ON PURPOSE! Just because THEY SAY SO is never the Law, the Law of the Land IS STILL the Constitution no matter who says otherwise but if we keep playing the game they have rigged the way they tell us too that will change. But until then we have the Law on the people's side and can turn this titanic around before we hit the final iceberg that sinks us!

AND PLEASE NOTE: Rodger Stone IN NO WAY CALLED FOR VIOLENCE at any time, as the 'Lame-stream Media' is now propagandizing it! Showing up to protest IS YOUR RIGHT as a citizen of the US stopping it is the Job of Communists, Socialists and Anarchists.  

And before you hear the Media CALL SOMEONE one of these know the truth about them!




The electoral process was created to ensure that no leader can take control for an extended amount of time without forcing the elected-official to answer to the will of the people. This is what is not being accomplished here, the Establishment is using this election to HOLD onto power instead of letting the People pick those they want in office to represent them! The powers that be are using our own system against us and leading us like sheep to the slaughter.



If we allow this election to become a pissing contest between the establishment and the voters we have failed to understand it's purpose. They are rising up because we haven't told them in any certain terms that what they are doing is unacceptable. We tolerate it, we excuse it, instead of NULLIFYING it as we should! The GOP is making up it's rules on the fly completely nullifying election laws in every state. If their rules do not go along with state and federal election laws on the books then it's time to nullify their rules and stick to constitutional law.

In 2010 the Kelly File KNEW something was afoot to mess with elections....why no real follow-up? Wasn't this BIG news?

The only reason they change their rules IS NOT because they want fairness, far from it, they play games with the American people to retain power nothing more. The establishment has become a shame on America, based in greed and wallowing in selfishness. 

Is this open theft possible? Is it now happening? The attempt at is but we have the final say NOT THE ESTABLISHMENT so let's get working to stop the cheaters shall we?

The Grand Old Party is NO MORE it's been hijacked long ago by self invested morons who hate their own country, who do not share our values, yet it is our fault as citizens that they were even allowed to control things. We have failed for decades to vote them out of control, to limit their influence and stop the slide to socialistic views even in the GOP!   

Donald Trump says:
"I watch Bernie," he said Sunday, in reference to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who has won eight of the last nine state primaries and caucuses. "He wins, he wins, he keeps winning, winning and winning and then I see he's got no chance. They always say he's got no chance. Why doesn't he have a chance? Because the system is corrupt, and it's worse on the Republican side."

I don't give a crap if you hate Trump or Sanders, the integrity of the Party that's supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE not their sick agendas is at stake. We expect this cheating at the Liberal level, they have little or no respect for integrity so it's fitting that they cheat each other but If the GOP continues with this suicide pact with establishment... people they will 'cement a disdain' at the grassroots for many years to come. Their bread and butter is the people NOT the establishment.

The GOP has greatly hurt it's reputation all because of wanting MORE power, more control and without a single thought for what matters most....the Constitution they took an oath to uphold! 

They have become no better than the open socialists they purport to be fighting against in every election. We must never forget that the same idiots running the GOP now were there when Romney fell asleep at the wheel and gave us 4 more years of anti-Americanism from Obama and Hillary Clinton. I refuse to believe that we have gone through the worst economy, the Worst of Foreign policy and domestic policies just to fall flat on our asses now because you can't even get your act together as a party.

 This is actually why I left the party in Bush's second term, he 'screwed the pooch' for two long playing establishment dealings that ruined our country's reputation which wasn't surpassed until Obama's first term which he surpassed in his second term. ALL THIS and look where we are now...CHEATING our own citizens out of their votes and looking the other way while doing it. What they are doing in this election is plainly wrong, what Ted Cruz is doing is UN-American and unpatriotic, he is not now nor has he ever been anything but an establishment crony, his wife and he are BUSH appointed and owned plants.

 "Ted Cruz is surging as the figurehead of the rich and interlocked Counter Establishment. And he gets to do it while pretending that he is anti-establishment. That’s a nice trick. Even a Machiavellian one.

I didn't know that George Carlin was more than a comedian, he understood where America really was and is today...listen!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Constitutional CRISIS of Biblical Proportions is upon us!

Too all those who read these posts always remember that "the World is not Evil BECAUSE Evil exists in the World but BECAUSE of the People in the World who LOOK on and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!"

As can be seen from the video above BOTH parties contain Criminal elements, people who seem not to have a conscience about their activity and the consequences connected to those actions. The problem in the World today is deeper than just politics alone, it goes into spiritual dimensions.

2 Timothy 3:1-9 
  "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.   For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,  Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;   

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 

 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.

This scripture speaks of a generation that disrespects values we all grew up knowing at least to some degree, but THIS generation we are living in seems to match these things like NO other before it so we must be vigilant concerning the scriptures and what must be done to prevent falling us from becoming these people.

It is very obvious that the Political elitists DO NOT CARE if they break God's Laws or offend those who do respect his laws but that's not really the point here. Our Nation is in Free fall NOT because of evil per-say but simple ignorance by God's people who are supposed to understand the signs of our times and make appropriate adjustments to save themselves and the rest of us from ourselves. The problem then becomes ours by virtue of not accepting our Job in this age. If we were doing what God said we HAD TO DO- which is "OCCUPY till I come" instead of wanting out because of fear of what's coming then maybe the World wouldn't be winning this Nations heart from her foundations.

Maybe it's me but I think we need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to our understanding of what God wants, because clearly something is very wrong in this Nation when most of us just go through our lives only concerned with what happens to us instead of with what happens to God's plan for us!      

If political parties were not allowed to lie, steal, cheat and control vote counts, they might never win elections.This might sound a little paranoid to some, but it shouldn't because it's been going on for many decades now. You might ask HOW it happens or even why but the fact THAT it happens is all that really matters in the end, the HOW and the WHY are anecdotal. Besides, trying to understand why a man becomes a scumbag isn't as interesting as the fact he is one!

  And the HOW that enables them to fake votes, steal elections and dominate Congress IS NONE OTHER THAN THE SHEEP THEY USE TO DO IT...US!

Yes we let it happen simply because we have allowed our educational system to systematically eliminate proper teaching of our Constitutional rights as a people. We let them tell us that the Document on display isn't for us today, it had it's day way back then, but today those words must evolve into bigger and broader meanings that play alongside our changing feelings about what we want as individuals. It's the only way they could have pushed upon us Abortion Murder and Homosexual special rights that DO NOT EXIST IN THE CONSTITUTION!

Just as we allowed idiots to mislead us all about the Bible's standards changing to a new generation (Something God himself states could ever happen because he CANNOT lie), the Constitution has become obsolete unless Re-interpreted by a few men in black robes. You see this is the real issue we face today, we can blame a multitude of people, places and things for our current problems but that's all BS in the end because God points his finger down at you and me, we are responsible for the state of our Nation. We can't even blame the Devil for it, he just rode along for the ride, we drove the car over the cliff to his advantage.

The statistical evidence alone PROVES beyond any doubt that God and Prayer in schools was responsible for KEEPING us out of trouble, both with sin and wrath as it were. We underestimate just how powerful true biblical prayer is.

Obama and before him Bush pushed this Nation closer to it's reckoning for it's sins but we cannot as TRUE believers say that that reckoning wasn't too early just because WE FELL ASLEEP. We failed to keep watch as the Nation in our charge was being infiltrated and possessed by demonically controlled Men and Women. 


What to do as a Christian!


The Patriot’s Guide: What You Can Do to Restore Liberty in America


Our Mission is to restore righteous lawful government to the American People.
This is necessary because of the fraud, abuse and theft perpetrated by a for-profit corporate entity known as the UNITED STATES Government. This entity has been posing as the lawful government for nearly 150 years unawares to most Americans.


Please allow the following WELL ROUNDED article to sink in and do NOT get discouraged to vote because of a two party 3 ring circus THAT'S MEANT TO DISCOURAGE YOU FROM YOUR DUTY TO PICK LEADERSHIP!

America: Republic or Democracy?

by William P. Meyers
Lately, from politicians, radio-talk show hosts, and other commentators, we have heard that we should forget about democracy, because the U.S.A. is a republic. But some questions are being posed by democracy advocates: What is a republic? What is a democracy? Should the United States be a mere republic, or a genuine democracy?

Republicans and other democracy detractors point to the U.S. Constitution and bits of history, and say, "See, the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution gave us a Republic. They believed democracies were dangerous and unworkable."

On that, they are partly right, but they fail to mention that democracies and republics overlap. They are not opposites. 

And they fail to account for the history of American government since 1788, much less the debates that took place in America prior to 1788, when the U.S. Constitution was substituted for the Articles of Confederation.

Democracy means rule of the people. The two most common forms of democracy are direct democracy and representative democracy. In direct democracy everyone takes part in making a decision, as in a town meeting or a referendum. The specific rules may vary: perhaps everyone must agree, perhaps there must be consensus, perhaps a mere majority is required to make a decision. The other, better known form of democracy is a representative democracy. People elect representative to make decisions or laws. Again, specifics vary greatly.

A representative democracy is a kind of republic. 

What distinguishes a republic is that it has an elected government. Representative democracies are, therefore, a kind of republic. Self-appointed governments such as monarchies, dictatorships, oligarchies, theocracies and juntas are not republics. However, this still allows for a wide spectrum. 

The classic is the Roman Republic, in which only a tiny percentage of citizens, members of the nobility, were allowed to vote for the Senators, who made the laws and also acted as Rome's supreme court. Most people would say that Rome was a Republic, but not a democracy, since it was very close to being an oligarchy, rule by the few. Although the Roman Republic was not a dictatorship (until Augustus Caesar grabbed power), it did not allow for rule of the people. In both theory and practice the Soviet Union, that late evil empire, was a republic (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) because the lawmakers were elected, if only by the Communist Party members.

Beginning with the Constitution's adoption, America has been a Republic. But the dominant trend over the last two centuries has been to make it into a democracy as well, a representative democracy, also known as a democratic republic. True, the creation of the Constitution itself was partly a reaction against democracy. In states like Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, the situation was getting way too democratic for the monied aristocracy that had, since the American Revolution, refused to share power with ordinary men.

The causes of the American Revolution were many, but for the monied class there were three principal aims. They sought self-government: that is, they sought to rule the colonies themselves, to further their own interests. They sought to protect the institution of slavery, which had been endangered by Lord Mansfield's ruling against it in the Sommersett case of 1772. And land speculators like George Washington sought to seize more Native American Indian land, which the British had outlawed.

But to win the American Revolution this predatory elite needed help. Their own rhetoric about freedom and equality led to widespread demands for the right to vote: universal suffrage. In other words, the people began demanding democracy. Even the slaves (white and black alike) demanded to be freed and allowed to vote.

After the British were defeated a centralized, national government was seen by George Washington and company not as a method of extending freedom and the right to vote, but as a way of keeping control in the hands of rich. They wrote several anti-democratic provisions into the U.S. Constitution. Slavery was institutionalized. The Senate was not to be elected directly by the people; rather Senators were to be appointed by state legislatures. The President was not to be directly elected by the voters, but elected through an electoral college. The Supreme Court was to be appointed. Only the House of Representatives was elected directly.

More important to our democracy-versus-republic debate, the U.S. Constitution left the question of who could vote in elections to each individual state. In most states only white men who owned a certain amount of property could vote. So, on the whole, the first federal government that met in 1789 was a republic with only a fig-leaf of democratic representation. This is what today's commentators mean when they say America is a republic, not a democracy.

Fortunately (for the democrats), the early federal government was not very powerful. In state after state it became easier for white males to qualify to vote. And slowly, decade after decade, our republic became a democratic republic.
At the national level the major steps toward democracy can be marked by amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

 The Bill of Rights guaranteed limits to the power of the federal government. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery. The Fourteenth Amendment effectively extended the vote to all adult male citizens, including ex-slaves, by penalizing states that did not allow for universal male suffrage. The Fifteenth Amendment explicitly gave the right to vote to former slaves. After the Supreme Court ruled that the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments did not extend suffrage to women, a vigorous campaign for the vote was launched by women, who received the vote through the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.

But the main Amendment that tipped the scales from the national government of the United States being a mere republic to being a true representative democracy was the often-overlooked Seventeenth Amendment, which took effect in 1913. Since 1913 the U.S. Senate has been elected directly by the voters, rather than being appointed by the state legislatures. That makes the national government democratic in form, as well as being a republic.

There will always be anti-democratic forces in any society. The most blatantly undemocratic feature of U.S. government in the 20th century was the unconstitutional but systematic disenfranchisement of African-American and other non-white citizens. 

This came to an end in the 1950's and 1960's with a series of Supreme Court decisions against segregation laws, the passage of Civil Rights Acts, and the passage of the Twenty-Fourth Amendment outlawing poll taxes. We even lowered the voting age to 18 with the Twenty-Sixth Amendment in 1971.

There are no longer any voter-qualification impediments to democracy in the United States. But many have noted that the will of the people has tended not to prevail, and that a majority of people eligible to vote are so discouraged that they do not vote. 

The main reason for this is the buying and selling of elections and politicians by the wealthier class of citizens and their special interest groups. A year or more before elections take place, the winner is decided by those who vote with dollars. But this is a defect in democracy, not a reason to abandon it. The answer is to cure the defect, not to attempt to destroy our representative democracy.

February 19, 2002

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