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If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....

If only the N.Y.T. were this honest.....
Read it and Weep Liberals!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D.A.C.A. is it even Constitutional? Was it even an Executive directive?

D.A.C.A. vs. TRUMP! Who Wins?

I will begin this blog post with the Words of Q FOUND AT:



The Republic of America is being Restored

The Silent Executioner has taken the Stand. 

The floor is yours.

There has been a Storm brewing for more time than we know against the monsters that impoverish our world.

Good hearted Men in positions of Power have each drawn their line in the sand and watched these wretched idiots rape their way across it.


It stands to reason that Good Men across intelligence agencies have set in calculated motion the greatest restoration of Good the world will ever know with an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

Jeremiah 29:11

 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here are the facts:

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 11/22

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or announced their resignations.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth.
Solution? Sincere Patriots.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― 
Thomas Jefferson

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

==Our goal is simple:== 

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends [STONE]. We will erode the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Mimetic Spread.

You know what to do. 

Godspeed Patriots.

Let those words sink in as we go on about our daily business because we are now living in a time of the END of all things sinful and ungodly, a time where God's ultimate Justice will balance his Ultimate Mercy. He is now Judging the SYSTEM OF MEN in order to free his Church to bring in the New Millennium of peace, setting the stage for Christ's return!
So exactly what is D.A.C.A. all about?

"The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit."

If you ONLY listen to them your heart will melt and you'll finally understand human suffering and want to give them everything you can to make them happy and live happily ever after. BUT SERIOUSLY though, does this program actually exist in a Constitutional society? Well..... IT SHOULDN'T BUT IT DOES but why does it exist?

What D.A.C.A. Represents to honest Americans who came here the Legal ways is in effect a slap right across the face. My ancestors came the hard but legal way, part of them were already here being American Indians but the point is it WAS and STILL IS AN ILLEGAL hiding place for Law breakers. And yes that's what you are if you break Laws in the U.S. no matter how young or how old the Law is the Law, squatters are illegally using our great country to steal, kill and destroy the whole point of being a sovereign Nation. If we have no boarders, no walls, and no laws we are no longer Sovereign and therefore not a Nation!

This entire edifice is built upon Democratic lies and false promises, our KNOWN laws are constantly violated by the Left who seem to think that Laws are for chumps and Nations don't have the right to protect themselves from FREELOADERS and GANG MEMBERS who want free stuff. What about infants? Well if the majority WERE INFANTS we might not have had the heart to deal with this as we are but the TRUTH IS THAT MOST of these D.A.C.A. Kids are anything but KIDS their adults and College age freeloaders! 


The Left is lying about the reasons and the people they want to allow to have access to YOUR families goods, its like letting robbers in to steal from you without consequence to them at all! Obama who clearly believed this was OK and who cares who disagrees with him, knew it violated numerous known Laws on immigration illegally wrote it into Law. That alone makes this a Constitutional issue.

In order to understand why Donald Trump is even debating this ANTI-American issue, we must understand how Trump works his magic. If you haven't read 'The Art of the Deal' and other books on his talent then you will be left melting like the Snowflake Liberals. But once you obtain that knowledge what he's doing makes perfect sense.

 Think big- Picture 

The Big Picture matters as much as the small parts do and WITH D.A.C.A. the big picture means a lot, its filled with things that are illegally done for illegal purposes, Remember Obama only threatened to use his PEN to bring about D.A.C.A. HE NEVER ACTUALLY DID IT so its in no way a Law but it all effects real people (SOME who are not innocent but nonetheless trapped between our KNOWN LAWS and Obama's illegal actions) do not get why they have to leave! 

BUT that is only because they have accepted the Liberal lie about OPEN BOARDERS and WALL FREE VILLAGES open to all, so in that they are mistaken. 

But Trump is thinking very big on this, he's looking at all the angles unlike his critics do who are only trying to prove an agenda driven logic. A small piece taken by itself can mean whatever the finder thinks as long as the larger whole is not looked at, CONTEXT MEANS EVERYTHING when we are talking about a Nation of people affected by their small minded ideas. 

He's seen for decades now, just how Democrats work around the Laws illegally, hell he himself has USED THE LAWS TO GAIN SUPREMACY IN CERTAIN DEALS as all businesses do. But politics is ripe, over ripe in fact with Corruption and dirty dealing so this is far from cut and dry. You must understand D.A.C.A. from its framing in the mind of Liberal Democrats and also see it from the Constitutional angle and how it undermines our Nation and at the same time know just how to use it to lead them into the trap he's leading them down into.

Milton Friedman said:

 "a nation can not support a welfare state if it has open borders."

President Obama created a policy called D.A.C.A., but Obama himself even said that "the Dream Act" "was temporary & not a path to citizenship or amnesty."

So can a President create such a policy?

Donald J Trump is in process of Making them too deal themselves out of its control while getting for all of us safety and security without giving up what we most need, FREEDOM! Trust me, Trump is thinking far ahead of their shallow minded ideals here, giving them ALL THEY WANT as far as the deal is concerned BUT knowing what they really want is absolute and total control of Immigration policy which he will never give to them, THUS we see them constantly refuse to deal!

It seems like their idiots who can't see they have what they want accept it and call it a win doesn't it?

So why on earth don't they give us the Wall and accept the deal to legalize millions of D.A.C.A. people? Wouldn't you if that was your stated goal?

You see the BIG PICTURE here is being overlooked, they DON'T CARE about these people, their just pawns to move around the board to get something else. Remember what Trump did concerning Israel by accepting Jerusalem as Israel's Capital?

He said that in all the previous negotiations of the past, the actual sticking point was 'Jerusalem' being recognized, so what can you do when talks bog down in the same place every time?

Answer, you REMOVE THE BLOCK that's causing the problem so he simply said WE are moving here to eliminate future problems in peace talks. Jerusalem was taken off the list as a sticking point!

Well the same problem exists with D.A.C.A. the Dem's USE them to create a bigger problem just as the Palestinians used Jerusalem to prevent moving forward on peace talks. Trump is AGAIN removing a roadblock the Dem's put there to cause us not to see their actual purposes. If they accept the current deal then they must vote to END CHAIN MIGRATION, TO END THE VISA LOTTERY.....right?

That's the deal, so if they do that THEY PERMANENTLY end their future voters of Liberal agendas, they lost a great big chunk of their voter block too Donald J. Trump. Blacks and Hispanics crossed over to him and left the deceptive left's control. NOW the Left is trying desperately to replace those voters. They don't have enough voters to regain control away from us any longer even with the Dead and Prisoners voting which is open fraud.

They must find new avenues to find suckers to vote for their policies in the future but from where? Nothing legal will work, so they have created a new people who are not Americans but who SAY they want to be Americans. 

Of course the Liberals DON'T WANT THEM TO EVER BECOME LEGAL they want the ever present voter block fighting for their RIGHTS become something they can never reach just as with Blacks and Hispanics who were always promised reform to get them their God given right to the American dream but never delivered UNTIL Trump actually DID DELIVER AND THEY MOVED ALLEGIANCES!

Can you begin to see what Trump is doing? Can you begin to understand his 3D Chess moves against the Deep State?     

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We have lost the ability to do great things because we have lost our faith in God and our founding principles. It's really not hard to support the best choice that's a no brainier, it's also not hard to support the WRONG choice because we base choice not on facts in front of us but make it based upon the PUSH from Left or from the Right, I say decide based upon contextual facts, in-depth study and pure common sense something the establishment doesn't utilize!

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